About CFW

Canadian Flowers Week is an annual advocacy, education and awareness campaign that celebrates Canadian grown flowers. Throughout the week, we will engage the floral industry,  the public, policymakers and the media, in a conversation about the origins of our flowers.

We believe that local flowers are just as important as local food. They bring seasonality into our lives, making us realize when the best time of year is for sweet peas, just like we know when it's the best time to eat tomatoes. The public is becoming more engaged, and is keen on finding out where, when and how their flowers are being grown. 

Our goal, with the help of local flower communities across our country, is to build on that mindful momentum by forming bonds between farms, florists and consumers. Together, we can develop long lasting social impact which in turn will benefit local economics and bring Canadians the best quality flowers for years to come. 



Natasa kajganic, Toronto flower market 

Founder of the Toronto Flower Market, who's aim has been to bring focus to the local flower industry through inspiring public floral experiences. 


Jessica gale, sweet gale gardens

A small, ecologically-focused farm and design business at Earth-To-Table Farm in Flamborough, ON


Jessica PAYNE, A fine medley

 A Fine Medley is a botanical art and design studio in Hamilton who strives to work 100% locally through the Ontario Growing season.


Louise Warner , unicorn blooms

Canadian wholesale source for cut flower farmers: specialty tulip & narcissus, Italian Ranunculus, dahlias, sweet peas.


Sue kuruvilla & Caroline shaheed, PR

Born and bred flower fans who work to connect the public with all things Canadian Flowers Week and to help the media unearth the stories.


Sas long, FloraLora flowers

A cut flower farm that  grows interesting & unusual varieties of flowers & foliage using only organic & sustainable growing methods.


Joanne Feddes, La Primavera Farms

With experience in dairy, poultry and flowers, La Primavera brings a variety of experience and wisdom to their work - and to your table. 


bryan van geest, van geest bros

One of the largest cut flower growing operations in Ontario, Van Geest Bros is family owned & specializes in cut gerbera production.



debra prinzing, slow flowers

A writer, speaker, outdoor living expert and advocate for American flower farming.

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Association of speciality cut growers

The ASCFG educates, unites, and supports commercial cut flower growers.


Ecological farmers association of ontario

The EFAO supports & promotes a vibrant community of ecological farmers through education, training, farmer-led research & knowledge sharing.