July 16 - 22, 2020. A week that celebrates our homegrown floral bounty.


Locally grown, Canadian blooms are as abundant and diverse as our natural landscape. Growers embrace the challenges that come along with four seasons and provide a range of flowers all year round. From long-lasting, sturdy, big-headed blooms to delicate, full-of-scent flowers that could never survive the travel of imports, our greenhouse and field crops are fresh and awe-inspiring.  And now, for one week, the flower industry across the country will unite to celebrate and showoff its beautiful bounty. 

Promoting Local

Inspired by the success of domestic flower promotion weeks in the UK, USA and Australia, Canadian Flowers Week aims to raise awareness about Canadian grown blooms and the floral industry in our communities. Growers, wholesalers, designers, florists and retailers will hold events and build installations throughout the week to promote locally grown blooms across the country.

“We want to celebrate all flowers grown in Canada, from the fields and in the greenhouses.”



Following closely on the heels of the locavore and slow food movements, “slow flowers” is helping to strengthen relationships between farmers, florists and consumers, while supporting local economies. Due to the increasing consumer demand for knowledge about local goods and processes, our aim is to start a public conversation about the origins of our flowers. 

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Photograph by:  Johnny Lam  ( Floralora Flowers )

Photograph by: Johnny Lam (Floralora Flowers)

Our Mission

Many of the flowers that are sold in Canada are imported from the United States and South America. We want to change this and increase the percentage of local flowers that are used by floral designers and purchased by Canadian consumers.  

Our growers work hard to evolve with the latest design trends and growing techniques. They follow strict ethical and environmental production processes due to government regulations -- which means no pesticides! 

By raising awareness of flower seasonality in Canada and connecting with growers, both the industry and consumers can start to make locally conscious purchase decisions without having to sacrifice quality and uniqueness. 


of people want to buy local flowers but don't know what's in season


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flower varieties are grown across Canada

  • Elevate public awareness of the Canadian growing climate and what flowers are in season

  • Showcase Canadian flowers through the talent of Canadian floral designers

  • Create public experiences with local product

  • Inform the industry and public how and where they can find Canadian-grown flowers

* pickOntario survey at Canada Blooms, 2010  

Get Involved

Are you a grower? Or a floral designer? Someone that sells flowers at wholesale or retail? Do you simply love flowers and want to be a part of our local initiative? Canadian Flowers Week was created to encourage participation from those within the flower industry and we have put together a bunch of ways for you to join in on the festivities.

Don't work in the flower industry? We still think integrating local flowers into your line of work is important - check out #6 on the Participate page. 

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